Ordering AccuSom & AccuSom Support

Online Ordering

Ordering AccuSom® is easy using NovaSom’s proprietary cloud-based Clinician Portal. This secure online Portal enables health care professionals to order the home sleep test online, and provides customized data fields based on their chosen service model. As such, it efficiently manages requirements and expedites the process for test delivery.

For those who choose the AccuSom at Home or AccuSom Pro service, where NovaSom handles all insurance verification, the system collects all information needed based on payer-specific medical policy and utilization/prior authorization requirements.

For those that have chosen AccuSom Deliver, the Portal is even more efficient. Since the physician or sleep center handles insurance verification, scheduling and billing, minimal information is needed for test delivery – patient shipping details, contact information, and delivery date.

To register and begin ordering tests through the AccuSom at Home service model the same day, please visit www.novasom.com/easy-order.

If interested in AccuSom Pro or AccuSom Deliver, please contact NovaSom at 877-753-3776 to be connected with a Territory Manager who can assist you.

Fax Ordering

While Physicians using the AccuSom Pro and AccuSom Direct service models submit all orders through the Portal, AccuSom at Home Physicians also have the option of submitting the AccuSom Fax Order Form.

While the Fax Order Form is an easy-to-complete 1-page document, additional follow-up may be needed after submission to collect payer-specific information. The Clinician Portal is customized real-time upon payer selection for all required data, eliminating the need for follow-up by the NovaSom team.

AccuSom Support

Once an AccuSom order is received, the NovaSom team begins processing right away. In the AccuSom at Home and AccuSom Pro service models, the process begins with verifying insurance benefits before scheduling test delivery. In the AccuSom Deliver service model, the Physician group or Sleep Center handles benefits management and test scheduling.

The AccuSom device will then be shipped per the requested delivery date, postage paid, directly to the patient’s home. It comes with simple set-up instructions and uses voice prompts to instruct patients on device set up and use. An easy-to-follow animated video is available as well, and NovaSom also provides 24 hour, 7 days/week Clinical Support by U.S. based sleep technicians should patients have any issues while testing.

During testing, the Clinical Team stays in contact with patients to provide support and coaching, using the test results wirelessly transmitted after each testing night. When the required number of test nights is completed, the Clinical Team arranges for postage-paid return of the AccuSom device.

Test results are distributed to interpreting physicians via the Clinician Portal – whether complete with an interpretation in the AccuSom at Home service, or presented with raw data for online interpretation by sleep specialists in the AccuSom Pro and AccuSom Deliver models. The cloud-based Portal allows for test data review and interpretation from any internet connection at any time, from any place. Should any questions arise, physicians may consult with the NovaSom Executive Vice President of Medical Affairs.