Why AccuSom?

AccuSom® makes it easy for doctors and patients 18 years of age and older to benefit from home sleep testing.  AccuSom is the only comprehensively supported home sleep test that provides continuous patient assistance and next-day test results and interpretation. 

Physicians and sleep experts can choose from several service models to find an option that best fits their needs, from comprehensive turnkey support to simply handling the logistics of test delivery.


AccuSom home sleep tests are delivered right to the patient’s door with easy-to-follow instructions and a phone call on the day of delivery from the NovaSom team. AccuSom provides continuous patient support throughout the testing process, including a 24-hour, 7 day/week hotline and access to a live, US-based clinician.  NovaSom professionals stay in regular phone contact with patients, ensuring the testing process goes smoothly and answering questions that come up along the way.  Watch this video to see how easy it is to use an AccuSom home sleep test.


In-facility sleep tests can often take weeks to schedule, and test results may take additional days to reach the patient’s physician.  AccuSom home sleep tests eliminate that waiting time and can be scheduled at the patient’s convenience.

AccuSom test results are delivered wirelessly to the interpreting physician the morning after completing the test, making speed to treatment faster than any other home sleep testing options.

Physicians can work with AccuSom in 3 different ways, depending on their needs:

  • The complete “turnkey” service, AccuSom at Home, only requires a physician to provide a single page of patient information with insurance details and NovaSom does the rest – insurance verification, scheduling, delivery of the device, and interpretation of the test results.
  • AccuSom Pro is a service where NovaSom performs all of the services above with the exception of the interpretation of the test. This allows physicians to interpret their own patient’s test results.
  • AccuSom Deliver is a service where the physician or Sleep Center assumes all the roles – patient scheduling, insurance verification, test interpretation, and billing. NovaSom only handles device logistics (delivery/ collection, and device maintenance), while providing patient support during testing.

Physicians select the model that best matches their desire to have a “hands on” approach (AccuSom Deliver), a “hassle free” approach (AccuSom at Home), or to  simply interpret the test results (AccuSom Pro).


AccuSom home sleep testing is more comfortable for the patient than being tested in a sleep center.  Patients can plan around their own schedule, avoiding the hassles of travel and overnight childcare, and can sleep in their own bed for improved data collection. For some patients, sleeping in an unfamiliar environment while being watched may produce results that don’t accurately reflect their normal sleeping patterns.  The natural at-home sleep environment facilitates a normal night’s sleep, improving the accuracy of test results.

If you are a patient, please visit the Patient section of our website to learn more about OSA and home testing.

If you are a physician or healthcare professional, please visit the Professionals section of our website to learn more about how AccuSom can fit into your practice.