Why a Home Sleep Test?

There are two general ways to test for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) – patients can visit a sleep center in a hospital or standalone facility for an overnight technician-monitored test, or they can take a test at home in their own bed.  

Approximately 3.5 million diagnostic OSA sleep tests are ordered each year.  An estimated 80% of these tests are appropriate for home sleep testing, where the patient is able to complete a sleep test in the comfort, convenience, and privacy of his/her own home. 

Home sleep testing eliminates waiting periods and improves test completion rates:

  • It can take weeks to get an appointment at a sleep center; home sleep testing can happen next day
  • Up to 15% of patients fail to make their appointments at a sleep center due to fear, inconvenience or delays in scheduling
  • The natural at-home sleep environment facilitates a normal night’s sleep, improving the accuracy of test results
  • Home sleep testing is affordable – for both payers and patients – typically producing a significant savings versus overnight sleep center testing 

The AccuSom® home sleep test is easy, convenient, and comfortable for patients 18 years of age and older, and is covered by most major insurance plans. 

If you are a patient, please visit the Patient section of our website to learn more about OSA and home testing. 

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