Benefits of Home Sleep Testing for Your Patients

Approximately 3.5 million diagnostic sleep tests are ordered each year.  An estimated 80% of these tests are appropriate for home sleep testing, where the patient is able to complete a sleep study in the comfort and convenience of his/her own home.

Home sleep testing eliminates waiting periods and improves test completion rates:

  • It can potentially take weeks to get an appointment at a sleep center; home sleep testing can happen next day or around your patient’s schedule
  • Up to 15% of patients fail to make their appointment at a sleep center due to fear, inconvenience or delay in scheduling time; home testing minimizes those factors, eliminating travel time and the need for child care
  • The natural at-home sleep environment facilitates a normal night’s sleep, improving the accuracy of test results. AccuSom® test results are delivered wirelessly to the interpreting physician the morning after test completion, making speed to treatment faster than any other OSA home testing option 

Continuous Patient Support – Step-by-Step

When a patient takes an AccuSom home sleep test, we help them through every step of the process.

  • Prepare your patients for the test and contact from the NovaSom Team by sharing our Patient “What to Expect” Handout with them, if you are using the AccuSom at Home or AccuSom Pro service.
  • For the AccuSom at Home and AccuSom Pro service models, when we receive the order, we verify insurance benefits and coordinate any required pre-authorization. We then contact the patient to schedule delivery of their test, confirming their insurance coverage, and working with them to identify a convenient time to begin testing. 
  • AccuSom Deliver clients handle insurance verification, prior authorization and patient scheduling themselves, providing the delivery date when the sleep test is ordered online.
  • In many cases, the AccuSom can be delivered as early as the next day.   
  • On the day of delivery, the Clinical Team calls the patient again to verify test delivery and to talk them through the set-up process. If the patient has any questions throughout the process, even in the middle of the night, they have access to this same Clinical Team at the NovaSom toll-free number, 877-753-3776

Patients value us because of our service.

Physicians value us because they quickly receive accurate results. Interpreting physicians can quickly review  test data and complete their interpretations, for return to the ordering physician. Those choosing the AccuSom at Home or AccuSom Pro service models avoid managing patient benefits or prior authorization. Should any questions arise, physicians may consult with the NovaSom Executive Vice President of Medical Affairs.