After Testing is Complete

NovaSom offers comprehensive support from diagnosis to treatment initiation. 

Results and interpretation available as soon as 24 hours 


Copy of the results will be sent to a durable medical equipment or other therapy provider if specified on the order form


We will help connect you with a therapy provider



Auto-titrating continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy is a convenient treatment option for many patients. Unlike traditional CPAP (which delivers a fixed airway pressure all night), auto-titrating CPAP:

  • Automatically increases or decreases the pressure as conditions change during the course of the night, such as body position and the different stages of sleep
  • Automatically adjusts to meet differing requirements if your patients lose or gain weight
  • Does not require a separate titration study

If you choose to prescribe auto-titrating CPAP therapy, we can help ensure a smooth transition from receiving test results to the selection of a durable medical equipment provider and provision of therapy. 

Below is a sample of an auto-titrating CPAP prescription — be sure to include a copy of your AccuSom Home Sleep Test Report to the prescription you send to your therapy provider. Your home health care or durable medical equipment provider may be helpful in the selection of a comfortable, leak-free mask; patient education; and on-going adjustments in the mask or machine.

Sample Auto-Titrating CPAP Rx


If you choose to prescribe traditional CPAP, we can provide a titration study in the comfort and convenience of your patient’s home. 

If auto-titrating or traditional CPAP is unsuccessful or not an option, other treatment options include:

  • Dental device – Custom-fit oral device that repositions the tongue, lower jaw, and soft palate to help open the airway
  • Surgery – Various surgical procedures may be recommended in some cases

Other helpful lifestyle modifications for your patients include:

  • Weight loss
  • Sleep position changes
  • Regular exercise
  • Avoidance of alcohol and tobacco
  • Treatment of associated comorbidities