Physicians and Obstructive Sleep Apnea

With 43 million Americans suffering from sleep apnea, there is a very good chance that many of the patients you already treat have the condition today.  They may think they just snore loudly, or they may feel frustrated as they struggle to manage other health issues such as hypertension or diabetes.  The good news is that testing for sleep apnea doesn’t have to be a headache for you or your patients.

AccuSom® is the only home sleep test that offers continuous patient support with next day test results. 

Physicians can work with AccuSom in 3 different ways, depending on their needs:

  • The complete “turnkey” service, AccuSom at Home, only requires a physician to provide patient information with necessary insurance and clinical details and NovaSom does the rest – insurance verification, scheduling, delivery of the device, and interpretation of the test results.
  • AccuSom Pro is a service where NovaSom performs all of the services above with the exception of the interpretation of the test. This allows sleep physicians to interpret their own patient’s test results.
  • AccuSom Deliver is a service where the sleep physician or Sleep Center assumes all the roles – patient scheduling, insurance verification, test interpretation, and billing. NovaSom only handles device logistics (delivery/ collection, and device maintenance), while providing patient support during testing.

Physicians select the model that best matches their desire to have a “hands on” approach (AccuSom Deliver), a “hassle free” approach (AccuSom at Home) or to only interpret the test results (AccuSom Pro). 

AccuSom at Home

Sign up through our Clinician Portal and we will work directly with your patient to schedule the test and support them during testing, as well as manage all administrative- related office tasks, including:

  • Benefits verification
  • Pre-authorization
  • Billing

Test results are delivered wirelessly to NovaSom Sleep Medicine Board Certified National Interpreters the morning after test completion. The results, including data interpretation and therapy recommendations, will be provided to the ordering physician quickly thereafter. Wireless transmission and the panel of National Interpreters makes speed to treatment faster than any other OSA home testing option. The NovaSom Clinical Team is also available by phone to discuss any questions that you may have about your patient, the results, or other related treatments. 

AccuSom Pro

This service model allows Sleep Medicine Board Certified Specialists to benefit from the front-end features of AccuSom at Home, while interpreting their own test results. For more information, contact NovaSom at 877-753-3776 to be connected with a Territory Manager who can assist you.

Learn more about the AccuSom home sleep test and learn how to provide continuous support to your patients when they test at home with AccuSom.