Sleep Centers and Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Home sleep testing is not just for individual physicians and group practices (primary care physicians and other specialists) – sleep centers can also benefit from providing home sleep testing as an option for their patients.

AccuSom®’s innovative, FDA-cleared and CMS-compliant home sleep test is not only easy and cost effective for sleep centers, but also a welcome alternative for patients who may be having a difficult time scheduling an in-facility test.

AccuSom benefits include:

  • Improve ease and convenience for patients – provide an alternative for patients 18 years of age and older who have rejected in-facility testing due to travel time, child care, scheduling conflicts, or a host of other issues; and expand your service area
  • Increase speed to therapy – wireless data transmission radically shortens the average time to diagnosis, translating to quicker follow-up and treatment decisions for patients
  • Maintain control over your patients’ experience – sleep centers manage scheduling, test data review & interpretation, patient follow-up, and patient/payer billing, while NovaSom provides patient support during testing

Working with NovaSom, sleep centers can provide home sleep testing to their patients without an upfront capital investment in devices or disposables.  We offer sleep center support along every step of the process.

NovaSom’s comprehensive support includes:

  • Implementation and on-going operational support to your OCST service line
  • All device logistics, including delivery/pick-up, cleaning and quality control
  • 24/7 telephonic clinical support for your patients; they call us while testing, not your staff

Please call 877-753-3776 or Contact Us to learn more about how your sleep center can benefit from offering your patients the ease and convenience of AccuSom home sleep testing!