Patient Testimonials

More than 150,000 patients have completed a home sleep test with NovaSom.  The AccuSom® test is covered by several major insurance companies, with more than 140 million U.S. lives covered.  We pride ourselves on providing a positive testing experience and a rapid path to therapy.


“Loved to be able to do this at home!”

“Very happy with the quality of service.”

“It was very easy to use with non-invasive equipment. Service was quick and efficient.”

“Written instructions and online video were excellent. ” 

“Called customer service, the rep was EXCELLENT! Very knowledgeable.”

“I was amazed at how easy it was to have the study at home. Thank you.”

“Amazed at how quickly my doctor got the results.”

“Best way to do a sleep study.”

“This was great, so convenient and nice to be able to complete this at my own home.”

“It was great being able to test in my own home, in my bed. “

Appreciated the proactive calls from the staff

“Much better than going to a strange place to have a sleep study done.”