Home Sleep Testing:

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Home Sleep Testing:

Because over 85% of those
with OSA don't know it

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Home Sleep Testing:

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a good night's sleep

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Home Sleep Testing:

The easiest for doctors
and patients alike

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Home Sleep Testing:

Because 43 million
Americans have OSA

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AccuSom is the easiest home sleep test available for physicians and their patients. Learn more about AccuSom.

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AccuSom is the easiest and most convenient home sleep test for both patients and physicians.

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March 7, 2014
The Missing Conversation...
The Missing Conversation
It appears however, that a very simple conversation is not happening in the exam room: “Do you snore regularly?” or “Has anyone told you that you stop breathing in your sleep?” – - and these are critical questions that can lead to reversing a serious health problem.  Yet patients who comp...

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